10.) I am a Jillionaire

Jillion. This word means “a very large indefinite number”.

I must admit this is the first time to encounter this word as I search for a synonym for the word countless, which is today’s theme. I learned and gained a new and very interesting word today.

I will sing the song “I wanna be a billionaire” in a changed lyrics from now on.

Hopes and dreams are free. Why not hope for something much more bigger than being just a billionaire. Wake up people, it’s time to change your perspective and sing that song now in Jillions.

On a more mature and serious note, we just think we have countless moments and countless time in our lives and choose to spend them or rather waste them. In reality, everyday we lose a day. We do not know how long we still have. I urge you to spend it with the ones you love, your family. I guarantee you will feel a like a Jillionaire after you see your loved ones happy. Cliche? Just try it for goodness sake!









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