8.) Life’s a beach


I really do not have an idea where that quote came from originally, but I thought of sand instantly when i read today’s theme, Grain.


For me, we are just but part of a bigger picture, a bigger universe. We are but grains of sand in a mighty ocean. We are here to play our own parts and to get along with other grains. I embrace diversity in race, color, and religion. I embrace differences more than our similarities. I admire different beliefs and continue to marvel at things I still do not know at my age.

We will eventually all leave this world. We will all leave these worldly things and riches. I hope we find out what is truly worth living for, and who truly deserves of our time for we cannot bring even just a single grain of gold in our passing.  I just hope we leave footprints that will inspire others to do good.





<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/grain/”>Grain</a&gt;


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