5.) Tsunami


beachInterpretation of Dreams: The sea is a symbol of our subconscious mind.

Tsunami.. i dreamed of a tsunami TWICE ..so massive and i know i could not escape it.

This dream included a sense of panic and hopelessness.

Tsunamis in dreams mean emotions getting out of control.

They appear when you feel a lot of pressure and you are overwhelmed with what the future holds. These include emotions repressed and past issues avoided.

They compound and become overwhelming when ignored too long.

This dream terrified me and since then i could not fully enjoy a beautiful beach. I was always looking for a high ground, an escape because at the back of my mind, I was waiting for a tsunami to happen. Yes, I am that morbid.

Maybe I will just have to face and resolve my fears first subconsciously before I could close my eyes while i sun bathe.

The beach. Tsunami. All the same. I prefer pools as of the moment.

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