3.) Autistic

Raison d’être is a French term, meaning “the reason or justification for existence.”

My son is my Raison d’être.

Table. Bed. Chair. Floor.

I have 2 sons. My eldest is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 1.5 years old. Riley is now 7 years old and will be turning 8 soon. He is the reason for my existence and that I cannot die suddenly and will have to fight death until my very last breath.

He has been working very hard in his Speech Therapies, Occupational Therapies, Special Education Therapies. I admit that it is spiritually, emotionally and financially draining. But we kept the faith. A Speech Therapist once told me that I may never hear his voice. That he will just grunt and make weird noises. It was heartbreaking. I never thought that this would hurt more than the romantic breakup kind of thing that i am used to. I almost gave up and succumb to my worst fears but Lo and behold, 2 years after, my son can now say what he wants and even sings.

In one of this Occupational Therapy sessions

Autism. I thought was a curse for us, for me. But it was indeed a blessing. I started to marvel at little things and appreciate small achievements. I saw life with more color. My son is autistic. He is not inferior only different. He functions under a different operating system which I memorized and decoded. I embrace that difference with all my heart. That is what special really means. I have learned treat things lightly, laugh at silliness, forego insignificant mistakes. It healed me and liberated my spirits, again and again.

His version of duck face


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