Admiration: Who deserves it anyway


Dear Readers, Fellow Bloggers,

This is my first try in blogging. Blogging still continues to be foreign to me as I am typing now and creating my first ever blog. I really do not know if someone will go through a lot of trouble reading this piece of S#*T.

Well I’ve come across wonderful blogs and also pieces of S%*T. I’ve just came across them without really reading throughly, I know you get what I mean. I bet you’re guilty too. If yes, I know we will get along very well since we’re thinking on same wavelengths.

This week’s theme is Admiration. I admire a lot of people and things actually. The latest one is this sunset. Taken in one of the provinces here in the Philippines. In Naga City, Camarines Sur to be exact. I was born and raised in the very urbanized Manila. Seeing this magnificent wonder made me realize that I have been living in a Urban Jungle, that buildings, people, infrastructure surround and obstruct nature. That I am, most of the time, seeing artificial, expensive, man made works of art. Pieces of S#*T. Nothing can top mother nature. Her simplicity is wondrous and mere words are really not enough to convey or even describe her beauty.

I am planning to do a lot more sight seeing in the future. Going to make some time with the queen mother herself.



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